Monday, October 28, 2013

Create a Modern Foyer (When There Isn't One)

There is something about coming into a home that has a foyer, vestibule or entryway. It is like the welcoming committee for the rest of our house. However, not everyone’s home or apartment is blessed with such a space. But this is not a hopeless case. You can still create the feeling of a foyer.

The primary thing to remember is that you will either need a visual or physical barrier. A visual barrier gives the viewer d├ęcor to instantly view in the front door area, while a physical barrier literally blocks the view of the rest of the home. These two will separate and set the entryway apart from the rest of the house.
Even when it is only a few square feet, give your home a place where you and your guests can pause before entering the rest of the house. Here are some tips to teach you how.
Make it organized and pretty. If you only have a single wall hear the front door and no console or coal closet, compact helpers should perfectly work here.
If it is compact, make an impact. A sleek and slim shelf like the Cato Entryway Shelf by Uttermost topped with a gallery wall of precious photo will make for a magnificent statement. The drawers below will then hold keys, gloves, dog’s leash and more.

Define with molding. Give the spot its own personality by framing the wall you will use. This should draw attention to it.
Define with wallpaper. Accent wallpaper creates a dramatic statement that can be fun for a transition space.
Define with wainscoting. Traditional wood panels or easy-to-apply wallpaper creates an instant cottage appeal.
Paint it happy. A console or dresser painted in a fun or vibrant color is a sweet way to welcome your family and friends in your home.
Design it happy. Your collection of thrift and heirloom plates has to be displayed somewhere. Why not in your entryway?
Use a hall tree. If you only have three to five feet of space (and maybe you are renting and cannot alter the wall in any way), the classic hall tree like the Mission Oak Hall Tree with Storage Bench by Powell just might be what your foyer needs.

Focus on the front door. Painting the inside of your door just might be the easiest and most eye-catching fix that you can do.
Illuminate with swag. Create a small square of foyer space by flanking the front door with sconces, hanging a lamp from a hook over the spot, and spreading a rug upon the floor.
Divide the room. In a longer or larger room, a hanging divider or screen is a great solution for a lock of defined landing area once you have entered the home.
Lean a mirror. Even a chunky wardrobe mirror like the Contemporary Merlot Cheval Mirror by Powell works well in defining a visual vestibule.

Nook necessities. Maybe you have a small spot that is more like a crevice than anything else. Organize your homecomings with baskets, hooks and shelving.
Use an armoire. Aside from being a great and hidden storage, this can also work as an accent furniture. A mirrored one should be great for last-minute primping.

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