Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Perfect Guide to Selecting Your Kitchen Island

One of the most versatile elements in modern kitchen dining is the island because it provides a food prep area, serving space and eating area. It can define the kitchen work area and direct traffic away from the work triangle, making your kitchen a better place to work and socialize. Kitchen islands are home owners dreams, especially one who knows his way around the kitchen. The good news is that there are great varieties of island available today, making it easy for you to find the one that fits best.

The number one rule for kitchen islands is that you have to make sure that it does not take away too much space in your kitchen, giving you enough clearance on each side. Once you have determined if an island complements your kitchen, you can then move on to choosing the style and design that will suit your kitchen and your needs.
If you have limited kitchen space and yet you are looking for extra counter space to prepare your meals, look for an island that is not too large and does not have storage underneath. This way, you can still make your room open and spacious. The Parker 47 Modern Glass Console Table by Nuevo Living is one great example. Having a smaller island on wheels like the Butcher Block Top Work Island by Linon Home Decor is also a great idea so you can easily move it around and out of the way.

Since an island can also be a great storage solution, look for one that incorporates drawers and cabinets so it can be more than just a counter space. The Medium Oak 3 Drawer Kitchen Butler by Powell, for instance, comes with so many storage solutions where you can store frequently-used items so they’re all just within reach when you need them.

You can also opt to have a customized island built in your home to ensure that it looks and sits perfectly in exactly the way that you envisioned it. This option is bound to cost more, but you are also bound to get the flexibility of the design, storage options and counter space that you are looking for. And once you have picked out the kitchen island that suits your needs perfectly, you can celebrate and make some homemade pasta on your new island.

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