Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How You Can Build Firepit Table Sets on Your Own

A patio table with a fire pit provides  a warm relaxing space to enjoy when the weather starts to get cooler. Many patio table sets offer a recessed area to build a small fire, and usually come with a screen dome to prevent sparks and embers from escaping. These tables, however, are usually expensive and a hassle to bring home from the store. With the following tips, you can build firepit table sets on your own right at home.

  1. Buy the lumber for the size of the patio table fire put that you want. The type of wood that you get is all up to what you want and what best fits your current outdoor scheme.
  2. Build the surround for the fire pit from the lumber as desired. Purchase or gather stone or rock to construct the center basic that will hold the central fire pit bowl.
  3. Put the stone or rocks in a pattern or styles that you want and join them in a mortar of cement that has no adhesives.
  4. You can also opt to dry stack the stones in constructing your fire pit. Make sure that you leave a depression in the center of the stone for the fire pit bowl.
  5. Look for a fire pit bowl basic in a size that is appropriate for the center depression in the stone patio table. You should find them in home improvement stores.
  6. Fill the fire put with a good amount of wood or any other burning material and light it. Let the fire consume the material and check all of the stone to ensure that the fire pit bowl is secure in place.
It would be great to build the patio table fire pit into the ground itself to create a more rustic feel. Line the edges of the fire pit with slate or large flat stones for a tabletop appearance. You might also want to consider building the whole patio table fire pit out of brick and mortar. This fire pit design can then function as an outdoor cooking area as well as a fire pit design.
But if DIY is not your thing, then just get a readymade firepit table. Below are some of the great picks you might want to consider.
Compass Mosaic Fire Pit and Beverage Cooler Table by Alfresco Home. Made from hand-laid mosaic tiles, this fire pit table features wrought iron frames that are coated with a rust resistant finish. It includes an iron bowl, grate and dome spark screen, cooler insert and mosaic center disc.
Kingston 48" Table with Propane Burner by Meadow Décor. Aside from being a great source of heat for chilly evenings, this fire pit table is also a beautiful centerpiece for your patio. It is made with cast aluminum and stainless steel with a Black or Walnut finish.
Sierra Fire Pit Table with CF-2424 Burner by Outdoor Greatroom Company. This fire pit is made with outdoor rated faux ledgestone. This square burner is a great new look that is U/L Listed. Its durable supercast top looks great and stands up to the outdoor elements.

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