Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How You Can Make Indoor Modern Benches a Standout

Attractive accessories are the best to bring new life to your interior design. Without painting new color on the walls, remodeling the floor design or replacing the furniture, a simple home accent like a wooden modern bench can already transform the appearance of a room. Although usually found in backyard patios, colorful gardens and outdoor parks; wooden benches can also liven your home in an interior space. Their elegant woodworking, attractive design and additional seating make a bench a great accessory for the living room, bedroom and even bathroom. Below are some great indoor wooden benches.
Here are some tips to transform your wooden bench.
  1. Paint the Bench Black
One of the most striking ways to draw attention to an interior bench is to paint it a deep black color. Because black is a contrasting color for most interior designs, it secures a visually appealing status. Adding black in a room gives the area this sense of character and depth as well. Using paint from a paint store or hardware store specifically designed for wood applications should give you the best results. Black spray paint easily adheres to wood, and the application is quick and easy.
  1. Add Colorful Accessories
Once the black wooden bench has dried completely, you can start adding colorful accessories to the design. Throw pillows in solid colors which contrast with the bench and blend with the décor in the room would make for designer friendly accents. If you want a more eclectic design, use bold stripes in coordinating colors, black and white floral prints and colorful checkered patterns. A black wooden bench can also look visually stunning when placed in an area where a small accent floor lamp or table can be placed beside it.
  1. Add a Decorative Throw Rug
The last piece that will complete the attractive design of your wooden bench would be a decorative throw rug that will further accentuate the accessory. When choosing a throw rug to put under the black wooden bench, choose a solid, print or pattern that complements the bench itself. Once again, simple stripes or floral patterns can bring a harmonious design to the area. The rug can partially slide under the bench for a visually appealing look.
Creating and decorating a wooden bench can bring a simple elegance to any living space. The attractive woodwork, vivid accessories and contrasting color make for a charming piece of interior décor for any home design.

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