Thursday, January 30, 2014

7 New Top Trends in Modern Furniture and Interior Design

Decorating the different rooms in your house is a homeowners dream and can become one of your favorite pastimes.   Aside from giving your home personality and an interesting perspective, it  can also make way for you to express your very own inner style. With the numerous choices you have in furniture and home décor available today, you might want to get a feel for the latest style and modern home furniture fashions.  You do not have to really follow the trends, but you can use them as inspiration while keeping unique and staying in tune with latest in design and fashion.   Check out the latest  in modern furniture today.

  • Fabric Prints. Patterns are becoming important accents in interior design. You will find several kinds like floral, symbol and geometric patterns. They can be on rugs, carpets, wallpaper or on furniture like the Yield 31" Wide Chair - Lunar Faux Leather by Ave-Six. Patterns make a distinct personal impression.

  • Variations on the Color Yellow.  The variations will be blend the color with other vibrant colors to form reddish yellows, greenish yellows, and also brownish yellows  like the Innovation Living Cassius Deluxe Sofa.  This color should look great when combined with turquoise, emerald green, and even  purple and deep blue.

  • Variations on the Color Yellow.  The variations will be blend the color with other vibrant colors to form reddish yellows, greenish yellows, and also brownish yellows  like the Innovation Living Cassius Deluxe Sofa.  This color should look great when combined with turquoise, emerald green, and even  purple and deep blue
  • Eco-Friendly. We often find many furniture pieces  and interior details that are already have grown out of style.   But with a little repurposing they can look excellent and actually become quite useful in another room in your house.  A little creativity and patience can  certainly go a long way. This means that you do not have to throw away your old furniture for good.
  • Traditional and Natural. Several traditional designs are in high demand once again. People are opting for the more traditional  look once again to savor the past and bring meaning to their lives over time as they age.  Also  an affinity towards the look and feel of natural materials is becoming more prominent.  People will also opt for natural material like wood, such as the William & Mary Metro Cafe Chair by Context Furniture.

  • Themed Furnishing. Some people want to gear their  space toward  a particular theme and design. Aside from looking consistent, our eyes get a great view while giving a more pleasing sight to the room. You can go with whatever theme you choose, and make it as unique as different as you want.
  • Classic and Modern Mix. Try to sue classic furniture and combine it with a modern fabric. For instance, you can use an old style sofa and cover it with abstract patterned fabric.
There are still so many other trends that are predicted to hit the realm of modern furniture in the near future.  You can forget and ignore them or you can also use them wisely  to perfect your own touch and style. Explore the many trends and be brave enough to get the very best look inside your home and personal surroundings. Enjoy the challenge and the process and be sure to have fun at the same time!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Modern Light Fixtures: Choosing the Right Lamp Shade

Because lamp shades and lamp bases are usually sold together, we usually do not give much thought to shades. But the lampshade can have as much impact in a room it is in as the base. If you are buying a new lampshade, make sure that you are getting the right one for your modern light fixtures and the room. So if you find yourself in your favorite local lighting store or browsing options lighting options online, and hopping for a new lampshade, below are some things to consider.

Room. Think about the style and colors present where you will add the lamp. Decide if you want the lamp to stand out or blend in with the surroundings. Either way, you need make sure that they complement each other.
Light. Know how much light you need and where it should be focused. Dark shades like the Zeleny In Glossy Green Table Lamp by Uttermost do not usually allow light to filter through while light shades do. If it is a reading lamp, you might want to get a fairly wide lampshade base so you can get plenty of light.

Bulb. You have to make sure that the shade is big enough to allow 2 or 3 inches of space between the shade and the bulb so it does not burn. Also make sure that the top of the shade is big enough so that heat generated by the bulb can escape.
Lamp base. Decide if you want to call attention to the shade or the base. If the base is bold or unique, use a more subdued lampshade like the Alamo 3 Light Hanging Shade by Uttermost. On the other hand, if the base is very simple and plain, you might want to consider a shade with some color or decorative embellishments like the Garland Shade Light by Artecnica.

Size. This is usually seen as the tricky part. Some lamps call for shades of unusual sizes, but there are some rules that you can follow:
  • The bottom of the shade should be enough to cover the lamp shade, so you need to make sure that you measure the harp before you buy it. The harp will tell you the height from the base of the socket to the top of the shade. You can try harps of various sizes while shopping.
  • Generally, the height of the shade should about three-fourths the height of the base.
  • The bottom of the shade should be wider than the widest part of the base.
Remember that these are only guidelines. At times, you will come across a lamp that will call for an over-sized shade or even a shade than is smaller than the usual. This is why it is important that you assess what will look best in your space and pick the appropriate one. Trust your eye: if a shade

Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to Clean a Dirty Stainless Outdoor Grill

Many barbecue aficionados maintain that what most people consider as a dirty stainless outdoor grill is one that has been seasoned with a lot of flavor. For most of us, however, just thinking about the years of grease and creosote buildup used to “flavor” our food makes us a little queasy, even though we assume  the high heat of the grill kills nasty bacteria. So what are the reasons for cleaning your grill, you may ask?  There are many reasons of course, but  of course  a clean grill cooks faster and will last a lot longer; and you would not want to wait to eat, would you?

Cleaning the grates. The easiest way to clean the grill gates is by rubbing them with a steel-bristled brush right after cooking your meal. At this point, the grease is still hot and should slip right off. If you have years of build-up, however, you might have to apply the  labor-intensive approach of waiting until the grate completely cools, and then spraying it with oven cleaner and shoving it in a garbage bag to sit overnight. The next day, use the steel bristled brush and garden hose, giving the grate a good scrub.
Clean the interior. At least once a year, empty your grill, along with any fixtures. Using hot soapy water and a good scouring pad, get in there and clean all the burn-out gunk. With a gas grill, read through the manufacturer’s instructions on disconnecting the gas and checking the hose and burners before you start cleaning.
Clean the exterior. Grills that are left uncovered all year round are bound to develop rust spots. Inspect and treat yours to prolong the life of your grill. Use Bar Keeper’s Friend on stainless steel grills, and regular soapy water on all other types. Lightly sand and prime rust spots, and paint them with a matching grill paint which is available from most hardware stores.
With a high quality stainless steel grill, and the right kind of cleaning materials, making and keeping your grill looking like brand new should not be a problem. Check out some of the more popular stainless steel grills on the market today.
21" Convection Built-In Grill by Solaire Grills
The 21" Convection Built-In Grill by Solaire Grills features 2 stainless steel main burners with double-laced ported U-burners. This burner is all stainless steel construction with heli-arc welded seams and no mechanical fasteners. It has a push button for a rapid-start electronic ignition with hand polished mirror finish accents. V-grilling grids enhance flavor and reduce flare-ups.

Company 24" Gas Grill Head in Stainless Steel with Installation Kit by Outdoor Greatroom Company
Designed to deliver  full grilling power at half the gas, the Company 24" Gas Grill Head in Stainless Steel with Installation Kit by Outdoor Greatroom Company offers better performance and cleaner cooking. It has a built-in sensor that continuously monitors the integral temperature of your food so it comes out just the way you like it every time.

Grill 24" Portable Gas Grill by American Outdoor Grill

The Grill 24" Portable Gas Grill by American Outdoor Grill has been designed with style and appearance in mind, along with functionality. This grill features a rounded foot and contoured face with a satin finish which adds style to any outdoor area. This portable model offers many optional additional, while the dual side shelves come standard.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Patio Serving Cart Will Make Serving a Breeze

Many people enjoy hosting parties and entertaining their friends and family in the relaxing ambience of their outdoor spaces.; however, because such spaces lack the complete features of an indoor kitchen, serving food and even cleaning up can be a huge chore. It is a good thing that there are outdoor furniture pieces to rely upon. With all the luxurious and extravagant choices we have in the market today, sometimes, the best ideas come from the simplest of furniture ideas.
A patio serving cart fits this mold prefectly. When you take a look at it, it is not exactly the fanciest outdoor furniture piece in comparison. After all, it is just a couple of shelves on a couple of wheels.  However, the  added convenience they provide  is just remarkable. These carts can help you carry drinks, appetizers, main courses, desserts, and whatever you need to get to your guests. They can also be a great place for condiments, a cooler of ice, refill pitchers, and anything else that you need close by without the need to use up limited table space.

Counter space is mostly very limited, if not non-existent in most outdoor kitchen spaces. And if you do have some counter space, it might still be some distance from where you are serving your guests. With a serving cart, one trip will take care of everything, and you will have a flat surface nearby for additional convenience. And when it is time to clean up, simply load up the card and roll it to the sink or trash can. whether storing, serving or cleaning up, you can now make one trip instead of several. This is one of those times that you will wonder how you got along without something so useful and inexpensive.
The least  expensive carts are made of resin and can be bought for less than a hundred dollars. Most models are available in various styles, with one to three shelves and two to four wheels. Aside from plastic, these useful carts are made of various species of wood. The most popular ones are eucalyptus like the Outdoor Eucalyptus Serving Cart by Vifah Modern Patio and cedar like the Teakwood Serving Cart by Lanza. Consider matching your mobile serving tray to the rest of your décor if possible.

The more expensive models are made of wrought iron. As with the other wrought iron components, these can be as plain or ornate as you like. These high end models range from $300 to $500, even more. wrought iron models are available in a small round version like the Loretto Mosaic Outdoor Serving Cart by Alfresco Home, and are usually referred to as a tea cart. These are not as useful for rolling around the patio as their bigger counterparts. There are higher end outdoor serving carts that are also referred to as party carts. These models combine serving capability with storage and even refrigeration options.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Wood Patio Dining Tables: The Different Wood Varieties

If you are looking at patio dining tables for your outdoor space, wood would definitely be a great choice. Not only is it durable and strong, it can also contribute to a homey and comfortable ambiance. However, the varieties of wood can be dizzying. Which would suit your environment and your needs? How should you care for it? Read on and educate yourself with the answers to these questions.

All wooden outdoor furniture can be cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water. Here are the most common types of wood used in the construction of outdoor tables and outdoor furniture.
  • Redwood is a durable hardwood grown in the west coast of North America and in China. It is straight-grained with a reddish color, and has a high resistance to rot and termites. When properly treated, it can last for over 25 years.
  • Cedar is softwood from North America. It is light in color and naturally splinter-free. It resists mold, mildew, decay and insects, and weathers well. One example is the Round Folding Outdoor Dining Table by All Things Cedar. With proper care, it can last for 25 years.

The high cost of teak has made other tropical hardwoods popular. This includes jarrah, shorea, roble and eucalyptus. All of these woods are durable, dense and stand up well to varying weather.
  • Jarrah, with its pinking or reddish color, is harvested in Australia from government-managed forests to ensure reforestation.
  • Shorea is grown in Malaysia and Indonesia, and is heavier and stronger than teak. But because of the large quantity available, it is usually priced cheaper. Both the jarrah and shorea can last up to 50 years.
  • Golden and lightweight, roble is mainly harvested from dry tropical forests in South America. It can last for up to 25 years.
  • Tropical eucalyptus is a native of Australia and is prized for its resistance to rot. It has a handsome look, like the Lakewood Table by Jordan Manufacturing Company, and can last up for decades.

Tropical hardwoods will weather into a silvery finish over time, unless treated twice a year with teak or other furniture oil.
  • Affordable softwood, pine is harvested in various varieties from various parts of the world, although it is especially from American forests. Its yellow color with brown knows are great for staining. Pressure-stained pine can last for 20 years. It has a low rot resistance when untreated.
  • Alder, cypress, willow and other trees with pliable branches are used for bent twig furniture. Willow is renewable because when it is cut, two or more shoots grow out of the stump of the cut piece. When properly harvested, it will continue to grow cutting after cutting.

If you intend to use twig furniture outdoors, spray or brush on a good quality clear exterior varnish and use the furniture only in a protected area.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Get a Functional and Stylish TV Stand from Walker Edison Furniture

These days, having only a TV set in your  living room is not enough. You need to accompany it  with a TV stand. Otherwise, it will look incomplete. A TV stand is a great way to catch the attention of your guests, and can even increase the pleasure of watching your favorite shows and movies. And, just like all other piece of furniture, it plays an important role in enhancing the look of your living space.
TV stands are useful not only for keeping your TV but also for housing other TV accessories like the remote control, DVD player, speakers and your collection of DVDs and CDs. And if you want to decorate it with other items, you can definitely do so by keeping showpieces like pictures frames, pots and vases;  TV stands usually come with shelves. If you are looking such a multipurpose rack that is both functional and stylish, get it from Walker Edison Furniture.

Based in Salt Lake City in Utah, Walker Edison Furniture is the  furniture manufacturer that produces only the highest quality and stylish ready to assemble furniture. In fact, their products have been have been dubbed as “The Next Generation of RTA.” Their consumer brand “Live Outside the Box” relates to everyone’s desire to break away from the standard mold, and stand out with their own unique style choices.
Aside from TV stands, Walker Edison Furniture also manufactures a wide range of casual dining, home office, home entertainment, occasional, youth bedroom furniture, and outdoor living products. They cover all styles categories, from traditional, contemporary, transitional and modern casual, ensuring that every customer that makes finds the perfect look for their home and personal style.
Check out some of the most popular TV stands of the brand below. Any of these pieces should be prove to be great additions to your space.
48 in. Armada TV Stand - Black by Walker Edison
The 48 in. Armada TV Stand - Black by Walker Edison features a stylish and modern design, with a polished and beveled tempered safety glass. It has metal scratch resistant legs that are coated with black powder and all tempered safety glass panes that are silk screened. Offering durable construction, it gives plenty of  space for AV components.
44 in. Castillo Corner Wood TV Console - Black by Walker Edison
Giving you both function and elegance, the 44 in. Castillo Corner Wood TV Console - Black by Walker Edison has a modern and stylish look that is crafted from high grade MDF and durable laminate. This TV console can give space to most flat panel TVs, along with AV components and other media accessories. It also has double doors with tempered glass panes.

42 in. Bedroom TV Console w/ Media Storage - Traditional Brown by Walker Edison
Featuring elegant beveled panels with a rich natural wood color, the 42 in. Bedroom TV Console w/ Media Storage - Traditional Brown by Walker Edison provides a traditional feel, especially with its traditional Brown finish. It will accommodate flat screen TVs of up to 50 inches. It also comes with a drawer, extra door storage and adjustable shelf.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Modern Pet Furniture: A Dog Bed Buying Guide

Selecting the perfect dog  bed should be as important as choosing one for yourself. Take into consideration the age and health of your dog. The would-be location of the dog bed is also important. Will your dog sleep in his crate, in your bedroom, or in an enclosed porch? You might want to buy several dog beds and put them around your house. If style is your thing, then go all out and match your modern pet furniture to your indoor décor. Also, you need to determine how much money you can afford to spend to get the perfect bed for your furry friend.

If you are looking for a perfect dog bed, you should be glad to know that there are so many great choices in the market right now. Dog beds are available in a selection of materials, shapes, sizes, and colors. Generally, a dog bed should give comfort, conserve body heat, and protect bony prominences. It should also be durable, waterproof, easy to clean, washable, and moisture resistant.
The ideal dog bed choice should have a slightly elevated style that will protect your pet from floor drafts. It should also be filled with soft polyfill that will conserve heat, and give a combination of comfort, softness and durability. The ideal dog bed should have a machine washable cover that can easily be thrown in the washer. Here are dog bed shopping tips to keep in mind.
  • When choosing a dog bed, consider the size of your pet and pick one that will fit him as an adult.
  • Consider a dog bed that fits in his crate so you can make his home more comfortable.
  • When tasting the dog bed filing, it should be springy and not impacted after repeated use.
  • Pick a dog bed made with sturdy materials that cannot be ripped or consumed by your pet.
  • Opt for a donut or nesting contour shaped dog bed that will fit around your pet so he can nestle in the center.
  • Go with beds that have an inner wrap that keeps moisture from getting into and ruining the bed’s core filling.
To further help you out on your quest for the best bed for your dog, consider looking these selection of the best ones in the market. You might find out that strikes your fancy.
Doggielounge - Large by Fatboy. Filled with virgin polystyrene beads, this bed offers the most comfort and versatility. It has a coated nylon fabric exterior that wipes clean with a damp cloth with a removable filling to adjust firmness. It is available in several colors to match your taste.  

Mon Chien Pet Bed by Uttermost. A hand forged mocha iron frame with a sweet red and beige mattress makes for a ticking cushion. Designed by Billy Moon, this pet bed is made with metal and fabric, and washable cotton with polyester fill.

Beau Pet Bed by Uttermost. Designed by Matthew Williams, any dog will feel like a king or queen in this stylish doggie bed. Made of cleanable and breathable saddle brown faux leather, this bed is finished with brass nail detailing and exposed hardwood frame.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Easy and Stylish Ways to Decorate the Top of Modern TV Cabinets

One of the simplest ways to make modern TV cabinets and bookcases look stylish and sleek is to use connected decorative elements on the top. Whether it is an expandable wall unit like the Grand Modern Wall Unit by Mod Loft, a custom-like cabinet like the  Emma Entertainment Center by Casabianca a converted antique like the Pavilion Entertainment Cabinet with 2-Sliding Doors, 2-Drawers in an Espresso Finish by Allan Copley Designs; the cabinet’s top offers a wide display area to decorate according to mood of the room and your tastes.
Coordinate with a Theme
Depending on the size of your entertainment center and the objects that you want to display, you might use three, five or seven items on the top. Odd-numbered groups of cabinets tend to be the most visually appealing. Coordinate your accessories on the shelves with the display objects on top to create a neatly designed appearance. If you display baskets on top, use them to hold remotes and DVDs and fill in spaces between books. The same idea works for wood accessories and pottery.
Fill the Vertical Space
Large decorative objects like groups of three or five tall baskets or pottery items extend the height of the entertainment center. This effect works well to fill in a large expanse of wall below a high ceiling. Other options include patterned tapestry, abstract painting, or a wall hanging with a geometric design displayed above the wall unit. This will add pattern and color as a backdrop for displays that are neutral, like clear glass, milk glass or unpainted wood carvings.
Create a Low, Wide Display
Decorative features that are wider than they are tall are great for cabinets that extend close to the ceiling. This should be great for a room with a low ceiling, even when the entertainment center is not very tall, as the horizontal line aids in detracting attention from a low ceiling. Silk or real vines like ivy in a wide planter add texture to the top of the unit while working with any style of décor. Other possibilities are a row of handmade masks or a long, low rectangular pot with a row of cacti.
Arrange a Grouping

An arrangement of select items gives the pleasure of various forms, colors, shapes and sizes. A mirror, painting, or large framed photo that is at least a third as wide as the entertainment center should draw attention. It can lean against the wall on top of the unit or hang centered above it. A group of sculptures that are related to the subject of the painting creates a thematic display. Arrange a bust, vase and a handmade object like a drum in a triangular display so that two items are closer to the back, and one in the foreground. You can also arrange items with meaning to each of the members of the household, like a violin, a crystal ball on a stand and a model airplane.