Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to Clean a Dirty Stainless Outdoor Grill

Many barbecue aficionados maintain that what most people consider as a dirty stainless outdoor grill is one that has been seasoned with a lot of flavor. For most of us, however, just thinking about the years of grease and creosote buildup used to “flavor” our food makes us a little queasy, even though we assume  the high heat of the grill kills nasty bacteria. So what are the reasons for cleaning your grill, you may ask?  There are many reasons of course, but  of course  a clean grill cooks faster and will last a lot longer; and you would not want to wait to eat, would you?

Cleaning the grates. The easiest way to clean the grill gates is by rubbing them with a steel-bristled brush right after cooking your meal. At this point, the grease is still hot and should slip right off. If you have years of build-up, however, you might have to apply the  labor-intensive approach of waiting until the grate completely cools, and then spraying it with oven cleaner and shoving it in a garbage bag to sit overnight. The next day, use the steel bristled brush and garden hose, giving the grate a good scrub.
Clean the interior. At least once a year, empty your grill, along with any fixtures. Using hot soapy water and a good scouring pad, get in there and clean all the burn-out gunk. With a gas grill, read through the manufacturer’s instructions on disconnecting the gas and checking the hose and burners before you start cleaning.
Clean the exterior. Grills that are left uncovered all year round are bound to develop rust spots. Inspect and treat yours to prolong the life of your grill. Use Bar Keeper’s Friend on stainless steel grills, and regular soapy water on all other types. Lightly sand and prime rust spots, and paint them with a matching grill paint which is available from most hardware stores.
With a high quality stainless steel grill, and the right kind of cleaning materials, making and keeping your grill looking like brand new should not be a problem. Check out some of the more popular stainless steel grills on the market today.
21" Convection Built-In Grill by Solaire Grills
The 21" Convection Built-In Grill by Solaire Grills features 2 stainless steel main burners with double-laced ported U-burners. This burner is all stainless steel construction with heli-arc welded seams and no mechanical fasteners. It has a push button for a rapid-start electronic ignition with hand polished mirror finish accents. V-grilling grids enhance flavor and reduce flare-ups.

Company 24" Gas Grill Head in Stainless Steel with Installation Kit by Outdoor Greatroom Company
Designed to deliver  full grilling power at half the gas, the Company 24" Gas Grill Head in Stainless Steel with Installation Kit by Outdoor Greatroom Company offers better performance and cleaner cooking. It has a built-in sensor that continuously monitors the integral temperature of your food so it comes out just the way you like it every time.

Grill 24" Portable Gas Grill by American Outdoor Grill

The Grill 24" Portable Gas Grill by American Outdoor Grill has been designed with style and appearance in mind, along with functionality. This grill features a rounded foot and contoured face with a satin finish which adds style to any outdoor area. This portable model offers many optional additional, while the dual side shelves come standard.

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