Thursday, January 9, 2014

Modern Pet Furniture: A Dog Bed Buying Guide

Selecting the perfect dog  bed should be as important as choosing one for yourself. Take into consideration the age and health of your dog. The would-be location of the dog bed is also important. Will your dog sleep in his crate, in your bedroom, or in an enclosed porch? You might want to buy several dog beds and put them around your house. If style is your thing, then go all out and match your modern pet furniture to your indoor décor. Also, you need to determine how much money you can afford to spend to get the perfect bed for your furry friend.

If you are looking for a perfect dog bed, you should be glad to know that there are so many great choices in the market right now. Dog beds are available in a selection of materials, shapes, sizes, and colors. Generally, a dog bed should give comfort, conserve body heat, and protect bony prominences. It should also be durable, waterproof, easy to clean, washable, and moisture resistant.
The ideal dog bed choice should have a slightly elevated style that will protect your pet from floor drafts. It should also be filled with soft polyfill that will conserve heat, and give a combination of comfort, softness and durability. The ideal dog bed should have a machine washable cover that can easily be thrown in the washer. Here are dog bed shopping tips to keep in mind.
  • When choosing a dog bed, consider the size of your pet and pick one that will fit him as an adult.
  • Consider a dog bed that fits in his crate so you can make his home more comfortable.
  • When tasting the dog bed filing, it should be springy and not impacted after repeated use.
  • Pick a dog bed made with sturdy materials that cannot be ripped or consumed by your pet.
  • Opt for a donut or nesting contour shaped dog bed that will fit around your pet so he can nestle in the center.
  • Go with beds that have an inner wrap that keeps moisture from getting into and ruining the bed’s core filling.
To further help you out on your quest for the best bed for your dog, consider looking these selection of the best ones in the market. You might find out that strikes your fancy.
Doggielounge - Large by Fatboy. Filled with virgin polystyrene beads, this bed offers the most comfort and versatility. It has a coated nylon fabric exterior that wipes clean with a damp cloth with a removable filling to adjust firmness. It is available in several colors to match your taste.  

Mon Chien Pet Bed by Uttermost. A hand forged mocha iron frame with a sweet red and beige mattress makes for a ticking cushion. Designed by Billy Moon, this pet bed is made with metal and fabric, and washable cotton with polyester fill.

Beau Pet Bed by Uttermost. Designed by Matthew Williams, any dog will feel like a king or queen in this stylish doggie bed. Made of cleanable and breathable saddle brown faux leather, this bed is finished with brass nail detailing and exposed hardwood frame.

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