Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Make Your Very Own Patio Bench Cushions

Cushions from patio furniture benches, dining chairs or  stools can have a limited lifespan;  especially when they are exposed to the outside elements for an extended period of time. Also, styles change and designs become outdated. Whether you need to replace them or simply want an update, you can make your own outdoor cushions actually quite easily.
  1. Measure an existing cushion or the seat space of the  piece of furniture. You need to know the width and length, as well as the height if you are making one with side panels. Add an inch to all measurements for seam allowance.
  2. Draw lines with a pencil onto the underside of the material to transfer these measurements. Cut the material along the lines.
  3. Put two pieces of material together so the undersides are showing, lining up the edges so the pieces are even. Sew a basic running stitch ½-inch in from the edge, and another row of ¼-inch from the end.
  • If you are sewing a basic cushion with only a top and bottom piece, sew three sides, with the fourth side 1/8 of the way from each corner to leave an opening in the middle.
  • If you are sewing a cushion with side panels, sew all the side panels to the top edges. Sew the front and side panels to the bottom piece of the cushion, and then the back panel to the bottom piece 1/ of the way in from each corner.
  1. Reach your hand into the opening and grab the material. Pull it through the opening to turn the cushion right side out.
  2. Use a knife to cut a piece of durable foam the size of the cushion, and squeeze the foam into the opening of the cushion. Use your hands to tug and push until it is in correctly.
  3. Fold the material of the opening in so that it matches the rest of the edge. Sew along the fold to close up the cushion.
If sewing or DIY projects are just  not your thing,  consider buying new cushions instead. With the wide range of selections available in the market today, you should have no problem choosing the one that fits your style, needs and budget.
Comfort Care Barstool Sunbrella Cushion Set by Infinita
Featuring seat bottom and seat back cushion, the Comfort Care Barstool Sunbrella Cushion Set by Infinita comes with straps so you can securely fix it to the barstool frame. It is available in six colors: Natural (white), Jockey Red, Cocoa, Parrot (Green), True Blue and Coal.

Folding Chair Cushion (Set of 2) by All Things Cedar
Make your folding chairs even more comfortable with the thick and washable Folding Chair Cushion (Set of 2) by All Things Cedar. Made with 2 inches of Hi Density foam and cotton canvas, this cushion is comes with reinforced piping on the edges and two tie-downs. Available in Blue, Green and White.

Patio Chair Cushion (All Sunbrella Fabric Choices) by Meadow Décor
Perfect for your dining chair, barstool and swivel rocker, the Patio Chair Cushion (All Sunbrella Fabric Choices) by Meadow Décor is made with polyester fiber batting, and polyester and olefin fabric covers. Generously sized at 6 inches thick, it has piped edging for a finished look.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Perfect Modern End Tables for Your Leather Sofa

A formula for pairing modern end tables with a leather sofa does not exist. You have to choose end tables for the leather sofa in the context of the whole room. When shopping for end tables, carry small leather, fabric or carpet samples from the room where the sofa is placed. Ask to take a photo of the end table for references. For more expensive buys, request a same end table to view in the room.
Style of Sofa
Choose end tables according to the style of your sofa. Traditional rolled arm, button-tufted, Chesterfield-style leather sofas look best with traditional wood end tables like the Montreal Elegant Styling Walnut Wooden Small Table by Adesso. A circular, square or rectangular end table will work with this kind of traditional soda. Look for simple curved leg detail on the end table.

Western-style leather sofas cover a broad range of designs  from ornate tooling and a mixture of leather types to carved wood detailing. They can be feminine and light or masculine and heavy. Try a pair of exotic end tables, a pair of end tables with wrought iron or tables that include similar wood treatment to your sofa.
Contemporary-style leather sofas are usually boxy, tuxedo upholstered affairs or soft, round padded pieces. Go with end tables for these sofas that will add some lightness to the combination, like glass end tables of various shapes.
Color of Sofa
Choose end tables according to the color of your leather sofa. Different shades of gray and oyster work in combination with glass or marble-top end table. Look for different shapes and heights with a contrasting frame, like black or dark gray. Generally, end tables should not be taller than the arm height of the sofa.
Colored leather sofas in green, purple, red or blue can invite more personality in an end table or require a more sedate approach. Experiment with both by getting curvy wrought iron leg end tables with wood or glass tops to add visual texture. You can also go with sedate, rustic rectangular or square end tables like the Ashburn Candle Table by Cooper Classics for a more comfortable and casual décor.
Light Sources
Light your room with the use of end tables. A leather sofa in a room with a single bulb in the ceiling could use a couple of end tables to hold lamps. Use different heights and shapes for the end tables. Know that end tables do not really have to match with one another.
Leather sofas that meet the floor visually or those without open legs will need a lighter touch, so go with wood end tables with a glass inset like the Glass Tea Table by All Things Cedar to allow light to bounce through and around the tables.
Current table lamps can dictate a particular end table height. Consider a lower coffee table height end table at one end of your leather sofa and a taller, smaller foot print in a matching style and finish at the other end of it.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Quick and Easy Way to Winterize Patio Fountains

Patio fountains provide natural beauty to any home or landscape, acting both as conversational pieces and bathing facilities for birds. They can also serve as relaxation aids when you want to spend some quiet alone time on  your patio. Below are some of the top selling fountains in the market today.
Capistrano Water Fountain by Bond Manufacturing
With the enduring look of an Old World water spigot, the Capistrano Water Fountain by Bond Manufacturing has a large water basin that creates robust sound. It features decorative designs that enhance the beauty of this flat backed water fountain for patios and decks alike.
Laghetto Fountain by Alfresco Home
The Laghetto Fountain by Alfresco Home features a ceramic fountain produced by skilled craftsmen in a small artisan workshop. This beautiful fountain is designed to complement furniture offerings as well as to stand alone as decorative elements in any outdoor setting.
Watergarden Ancient Stone Floor Fountain 72" Bronze Mirror by Bluworld
Introducing the peaceful sound of falling water into any environment, the Watergarden Ancient Stone Floor Fountain 72" Bronze Mirror by Bluworld features a smooth bronze mirror panel and is made of durable composite in an Ancient Stone finish.

Fountains in climates with below freezing temperatures should be winterized to prevent them from cracking and sustaining heavy damage during cold months.
  1. Using gloves, remove any plants from the fountain. If left to die in the winter months, the plants will rot and may damage the lining of the fountain. Fish, which are common in many outdoor fountain, can be relocated to an inside tank or left in the water to hibernate. Reduce their diet so they will become used to the cold weather and lack of food.
  2. Clean all leaves, algae and dirt present in the water from the fountain. Sitting water can harbor bacteria so use caution here.   If your fountain has a filter, the water may not be as dirty as sitting water but may still be unhealthy to come into direct contact with. Use a brush to scrub the dirt off the fountain. Be careful that you do not scrub hard enough to remove paint or decorative linings.
  3. Use a cleaning solution that will not harm fish, if there are any, to clean the water or fountain lining if it is especially dirty. Chemicals that control algae and clarify water can be bought at pool and spa supplier shops. Consider putting a net over the fountain next season to help prevent leaves and other debris from entering the water.
  4. Drain water from the fountain pipes, filter and pump. Standing water in the fountain pipes may freeze during cold weather and break the pipes. The filter should be removed and cleaned before winter. Make sure that it does not have abrasions or cracks. Turn off and  unplug the pump. Do not run the pump during cold months as water may get inside it and freeze, causing damage to the fountain mechanics.
Proper maintenance is important so your fountain will last for many years;  so spending  some time to actually take care of them from time to time is well worth it!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Useful Tips on Buying Modern Floor Mirrors

Modern floor mirrors make particularly great choices when considering mirrors because of the opportunity they can afford the viewer. These mirrors reach down to the floor, or stands on it without the need to be installed on a wall. Otherwise known as floor length mirrors, they provide a full length reflection that makes it easy for any viewer to assess themselves without having to go through uncomfortable postures.
There are several options from which you can make a choice. Floor standing mirrors come in several sizes, shapes, materials and features. When making a selection, make sure that you get the most suitable one for your needs and your space. To do so, you need to determine the best floor standing mirror for your needs. remember that different people have different tastes, needs and desires.
First, you need to make sure that you are getting the right size. Mirrors vary in length as well as in width. The right mirror size for your needs is a function of the amount of space available for the mirror. Once you have done so, it should be easier to select the right one that will fit in. The available space in the room and the location where the mirror will be placed are important when shopping for the right floor mirror.
Second, you also need to get the right shape. Floor length mirrors come in various shapes, and a particular shape should be chosen to match with the theme of the room. Another important tip is the color of  the mirror. Popular ones include white and black. Other colors are also available, and you need to ensure that the color is pick is appropriately matched with the room décor.
A floor standing mirror is available in traditional or contemporary styles. Antique floor mirrors are particularly stately additions to any home and come highly recommended. Check out the gorgeous mirrors below to give you inspiration for your floor mirror shopping.
Daniel Mirror by Howard Elliott
The Daniel Mirror by Howard Elliott is a rectangular wooden mirror that features a textured bar pattern finished in a mottled silver leaf with a black patina. This gives the piece a contemporary 3D strip effect. Its oversized frame is perfect for leaning which spares you the added time and effort of getting it installed in your home.

Wave Storage Mirror by Ades
A stylish folding mirror, the Wave Storage Mirror by Adesso gives storage and hanging space when opened to standing position. The open shelf folds down to hold clothing, books, magazines and any other type of storage. Also, two hooks on the left upper frame will hold hanging articles. The black lacquered wave gives more decorative accent.

Contemporary New York Style Limited Space Mirror/Wardrobe by Adesso

The Contemporary New York Style Limited Space Mirror/Wardrobe by Adesso is a full length mirror that revolves on a rectangular disc to reveal a shelved wardrobe on the reverse side. This mirror-wardrobe features four stationary shelves that provide five storage cubbies for all your storage needs. it is made with MDF with a black wood veneer finish.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Modern Home Accents: Displaying Items on a Bookshelf

Bookcases can be a great way to add an interesting display of your favorite objects in a room designed for relaxation in your home. However, bookcases can quickly become a cluttered looking space if care is not taken in arranging the objects on its shelves. Utilize the following tips to make the bookcases in your home a showcase of your cherished possessions and collections. Do not be afraid to think outside the box and house more than just books on  these modern home accents.

  • Group like items together. instead of spreading out your collection of memorabilia and figurines across multiple shelves, group the items together on one shelf of your bookcase. They will make more of an impact when displayed together.
  • Display larger items on your bookcase. Items displayed on a bookcase should be visible from across the room. If the items are very small, they will only disappear into the expanse of the bookcase and be overlooked.
  • Use odd numbers when displaying objects. Typically, odd numbers of objects make a more interesting arrangement than even numbers. Vary the height of the accessories on the bookcase. If the shelves can be moved, do not space them perfectly apart.
  • Create depth on the bookcase by using the depth of the available space. By putting taller items towards the back of the shelf and smaller items in front, the arrangement is made more appealing. Use books to add height to shorter items and put them at the back.
  • Decorate the top of the bookshelf with items not fitting in the shelves. This can be a great place for a bigger piece of art or a tall plant. It will draw the eye up and create a feeling of added height in the room.
  • Experiment with different arrangements. Items on a bookcase can easily be rearranged, added and taken away. Try moving pieces around until you achieve just the right look for the space. Rotating items can also keep the display fresh.
Check out the great bookcases below, some of the finest on  the market today. Take your pick from any one of them and try out the tips mentioned above.
Yesler Bookcase in Cider Finish by Office Star
Made with solid wood and veneers in Medium Cherry finish, the Yesler Bookcase in Cider Finish by Office Star features satin Nickel finished hardware. It has 5 shelves for all your storage needs, and is adorned with beautiful traditional molding details throughout.

Cappuccino Hollow-Core 48"H Room Divider Bookcase by Monarch Specialties
The Cappuccino Hollow-Core 48"H Room Divider Bookcase by Monarch Specialties will make a bold addition to your home office or living room. Its unique asymmetrical step style features clean and sharp lines, in a rich dark finish that will really make a statement.

White Mahogany Bookcase and 1 Drawer by Infinita
Made of plantation mahogany wood, the White Mahogany Bookcase and 1 Drawer by Infinita has been perfectly kiln dried for low moisture manufacturing conditions. Featuring high quality hardware for it’s drawers, it has a white distressed finish for the relaxed and cozy look.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Modern Style Living Room Furniture: Styling a Sofa Table

Just because it is called a “sofa table” does not mean that it has to be relegated behind a sofa. Otherwise known as a console table, this piece of modern style living room furniture can serve your home in a variety of places and ways. What you put on, under and around your sofa table is determined by where you put it, how you use it and your own personal style. The sum of all the parts you assemble is called a vignette.

When creating one, most decorators would say that you need to consider balance, color, contrast, texture and scale. Balance means that you arrange the articles on top, underneath and above the table in proportion to the space and each other. Also, one general rule is to always make groupings of threes, fives and so on. A trick to make a distinctive grouping of smaller items is to put them on a tray.
Sofa Table as Sofa Table
Rather than anchoring your sofa flush up against the wall, put a sofa table like the Hazel Console Table by Greenington behind it to add more interest and depth to a room. Put table lamps in proportion with your sofa and ceiling height on either end. In between, display a grouping of sculptural objects, like candles, art glass, or wood carvings to one side, and a stack of books to the other. If you are floating your sofa to redefine your living space, choose objects that visually connect once space with the other.

Sofa Table as Console Table
In the living room, a sofa table like the Brady Birch Sofa Table by Jofran can move out to sit in front of a bay or picture window or along a small stretch of wall. Place complementary seating on either side. The table offers the ideal place for you to display your favorite family photos. A dramatic effect is to make all the photos black and white or sepia tones, and replace in different styles and sizes of frames.

Sofa Table as Foyer Table
In the foyer, a sofa table placed either on the side or end wall is the ideal opportunity to introduce your guests to your style and build expectation. Hang a dramatic mirror or wall art above the table, and put sculptural elements underneath. On top of the table, bring in objects of art. For instance, if you subscribe to the Feng Shui way, design a vignette that includes the five elements. include round-leaf plants, religious statue candles, Chinese Foo dogs and a tabletop fountain.
Sofa Table as Dining Table

In a small dining area, a sofa table like the La Jolla Rectangular Console Table by Allan Copley Designs becomes a sideboard when serving guests or a decorative accent when not. Display artistic serving dishes, candelabras, and maybe a bowl of fruit on top, a mirror above, and interesting storage baskets and boxes to store your colorful table linens below.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Experience Utmost Relaxation from Nuevo Living Lounge Chairs

A lounge chair can transform your living room, bedroom, study, spare room, patio, backyard or conservatory into the perfect relaxation zone. In today’s homes, lounge chairs are popular indoors as daybeds or comfy reading chairs or outside the patio by the pool as sunbathing beds or just places to stretch out and unwind.
Basically, the lounge chair is an elongated chair that resembles a couch except for two things: first, the back support of the chair slants toward the back, making for a reclined position with the feet fully elongated possible; and, second, the armrests may or may not be present. If you are looking for the most comfortable and stylish lounge chairs in the market today, look no further than the line offered by famed lighting and furniture brand Nuevo Living.

Nuevo Living, headquartered in Toronto, Canada is a premium class manufacturer of modern and contemporary furniture. Nuevo makes a wide range of quality designer chairs, sofas, benches, tables, clocks and home décor, focusing on modern furniture, living room, dining room, bedroom and outdoor furniture. Nuevo Living Furniture is perfectly useful for commercial as well as residential places.
This modern furniture line has proven to be a big hit in the furniture industry because of its unique furniture designs in lounge chairs, occasional chairs, dining chairs, sofas, tables, stools and lighting. The unique design and modern look of their pieces has become a symbol of art in many lounge areas around the world. Nuevo Living uses high quality microfiber to ensure durability, crafting furniture pieces that promises a high level of comfort to relax the mind and body.
Nuevo Living Furniture sources its products from United States and Canadian Warehouses. Below are some of their best lounge chair offerings.
Bethany Lounge Chair in White by Nuevo Living
Perfect for both modern and traditional homes, the Bethany Lounge Chair in White by Nuevo Living offers complete rest and relaxation for your weary body at the end of the day. Crafted from classic dark wood and white leather, this lounge chair will definitely stand the test of time, and will prove to be your best friend for many years to come.

Baha Lounge Chair in White by Nuevo Living
If you are looking for something a little more quirky and perhaps futuristic, the Baha Lounge Chair in White by Nuevo Living just might suit your home décor and your taste. Made from durable plastic with a wooden base, you lie your cares away as you enjoy a well deserved rest time from running after the kids or from working in front of your computer.

Bolero Oversized Modern Lounger in Red by Nuevo Living
For that much needed pop of color in your home décor scheme, let the Bolero Oversized Modern Lounger in Red by Nuevo Living do the job. Made with red wood and nylon blended fabric, this lounge chair ensures durability with its molded fiberglass frame. Its aluminum base rotates at a 360-degree angle while its seat height is at 17 ½ inches.