Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Quick and Easy Way to Winterize Patio Fountains

Patio fountains provide natural beauty to any home or landscape, acting both as conversational pieces and bathing facilities for birds. They can also serve as relaxation aids when you want to spend some quiet alone time on  your patio. Below are some of the top selling fountains in the market today.
Capistrano Water Fountain by Bond Manufacturing
With the enduring look of an Old World water spigot, the Capistrano Water Fountain by Bond Manufacturing has a large water basin that creates robust sound. It features decorative designs that enhance the beauty of this flat backed water fountain for patios and decks alike.
Laghetto Fountain by Alfresco Home
The Laghetto Fountain by Alfresco Home features a ceramic fountain produced by skilled craftsmen in a small artisan workshop. This beautiful fountain is designed to complement furniture offerings as well as to stand alone as decorative elements in any outdoor setting.
Watergarden Ancient Stone Floor Fountain 72" Bronze Mirror by Bluworld
Introducing the peaceful sound of falling water into any environment, the Watergarden Ancient Stone Floor Fountain 72" Bronze Mirror by Bluworld features a smooth bronze mirror panel and is made of durable composite in an Ancient Stone finish.

Fountains in climates with below freezing temperatures should be winterized to prevent them from cracking and sustaining heavy damage during cold months.
  1. Using gloves, remove any plants from the fountain. If left to die in the winter months, the plants will rot and may damage the lining of the fountain. Fish, which are common in many outdoor fountain, can be relocated to an inside tank or left in the water to hibernate. Reduce their diet so they will become used to the cold weather and lack of food.
  2. Clean all leaves, algae and dirt present in the water from the fountain. Sitting water can harbor bacteria so use caution here.   If your fountain has a filter, the water may not be as dirty as sitting water but may still be unhealthy to come into direct contact with. Use a brush to scrub the dirt off the fountain. Be careful that you do not scrub hard enough to remove paint or decorative linings.
  3. Use a cleaning solution that will not harm fish, if there are any, to clean the water or fountain lining if it is especially dirty. Chemicals that control algae and clarify water can be bought at pool and spa supplier shops. Consider putting a net over the fountain next season to help prevent leaves and other debris from entering the water.
  4. Drain water from the fountain pipes, filter and pump. Standing water in the fountain pipes may freeze during cold weather and break the pipes. The filter should be removed and cleaned before winter. Make sure that it does not have abrasions or cracks. Turn off and  unplug the pump. Do not run the pump during cold months as water may get inside it and freeze, causing damage to the fountain mechanics.
Proper maintenance is important so your fountain will last for many years;  so spending  some time to actually take care of them from time to time is well worth it!

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