Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Make Your Very Own Patio Bench Cushions

Cushions from patio furniture benches, dining chairs or  stools can have a limited lifespan;  especially when they are exposed to the outside elements for an extended period of time. Also, styles change and designs become outdated. Whether you need to replace them or simply want an update, you can make your own outdoor cushions actually quite easily.
  1. Measure an existing cushion or the seat space of the  piece of furniture. You need to know the width and length, as well as the height if you are making one with side panels. Add an inch to all measurements for seam allowance.
  2. Draw lines with a pencil onto the underside of the material to transfer these measurements. Cut the material along the lines.
  3. Put two pieces of material together so the undersides are showing, lining up the edges so the pieces are even. Sew a basic running stitch ½-inch in from the edge, and another row of ¼-inch from the end.
  • If you are sewing a basic cushion with only a top and bottom piece, sew three sides, with the fourth side 1/8 of the way from each corner to leave an opening in the middle.
  • If you are sewing a cushion with side panels, sew all the side panels to the top edges. Sew the front and side panels to the bottom piece of the cushion, and then the back panel to the bottom piece 1/ of the way in from each corner.
  1. Reach your hand into the opening and grab the material. Pull it through the opening to turn the cushion right side out.
  2. Use a knife to cut a piece of durable foam the size of the cushion, and squeeze the foam into the opening of the cushion. Use your hands to tug and push until it is in correctly.
  3. Fold the material of the opening in so that it matches the rest of the edge. Sew along the fold to close up the cushion.
If sewing or DIY projects are just  not your thing,  consider buying new cushions instead. With the wide range of selections available in the market today, you should have no problem choosing the one that fits your style, needs and budget.
Comfort Care Barstool Sunbrella Cushion Set by Infinita
Featuring seat bottom and seat back cushion, the Comfort Care Barstool Sunbrella Cushion Set by Infinita comes with straps so you can securely fix it to the barstool frame. It is available in six colors: Natural (white), Jockey Red, Cocoa, Parrot (Green), True Blue and Coal.

Folding Chair Cushion (Set of 2) by All Things Cedar
Make your folding chairs even more comfortable with the thick and washable Folding Chair Cushion (Set of 2) by All Things Cedar. Made with 2 inches of Hi Density foam and cotton canvas, this cushion is comes with reinforced piping on the edges and two tie-downs. Available in Blue, Green and White.

Patio Chair Cushion (All Sunbrella Fabric Choices) by Meadow Décor
Perfect for your dining chair, barstool and swivel rocker, the Patio Chair Cushion (All Sunbrella Fabric Choices) by Meadow Décor is made with polyester fiber batting, and polyester and olefin fabric covers. Generously sized at 6 inches thick, it has piped edging for a finished look.

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