Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Modern Home Accents: Displaying Items on a Bookshelf

Bookcases can be a great way to add an interesting display of your favorite objects in a room designed for relaxation in your home. However, bookcases can quickly become a cluttered looking space if care is not taken in arranging the objects on its shelves. Utilize the following tips to make the bookcases in your home a showcase of your cherished possessions and collections. Do not be afraid to think outside the box and house more than just books on  these modern home accents.

  • Group like items together. instead of spreading out your collection of memorabilia and figurines across multiple shelves, group the items together on one shelf of your bookcase. They will make more of an impact when displayed together.
  • Display larger items on your bookcase. Items displayed on a bookcase should be visible from across the room. If the items are very small, they will only disappear into the expanse of the bookcase and be overlooked.
  • Use odd numbers when displaying objects. Typically, odd numbers of objects make a more interesting arrangement than even numbers. Vary the height of the accessories on the bookcase. If the shelves can be moved, do not space them perfectly apart.
  • Create depth on the bookcase by using the depth of the available space. By putting taller items towards the back of the shelf and smaller items in front, the arrangement is made more appealing. Use books to add height to shorter items and put them at the back.
  • Decorate the top of the bookshelf with items not fitting in the shelves. This can be a great place for a bigger piece of art or a tall plant. It will draw the eye up and create a feeling of added height in the room.
  • Experiment with different arrangements. Items on a bookcase can easily be rearranged, added and taken away. Try moving pieces around until you achieve just the right look for the space. Rotating items can also keep the display fresh.
Check out the great bookcases below, some of the finest on  the market today. Take your pick from any one of them and try out the tips mentioned above.
Yesler Bookcase in Cider Finish by Office Star
Made with solid wood and veneers in Medium Cherry finish, the Yesler Bookcase in Cider Finish by Office Star features satin Nickel finished hardware. It has 5 shelves for all your storage needs, and is adorned with beautiful traditional molding details throughout.

Cappuccino Hollow-Core 48"H Room Divider Bookcase by Monarch Specialties
The Cappuccino Hollow-Core 48"H Room Divider Bookcase by Monarch Specialties will make a bold addition to your home office or living room. Its unique asymmetrical step style features clean and sharp lines, in a rich dark finish that will really make a statement.

White Mahogany Bookcase and 1 Drawer by Infinita
Made of plantation mahogany wood, the White Mahogany Bookcase and 1 Drawer by Infinita has been perfectly kiln dried for low moisture manufacturing conditions. Featuring high quality hardware for it’s drawers, it has a white distressed finish for the relaxed and cozy look.


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