Thursday, February 6, 2014

Modern Style Living Room Furniture: Styling a Sofa Table

Just because it is called a “sofa table” does not mean that it has to be relegated behind a sofa. Otherwise known as a console table, this piece of modern style living room furniture can serve your home in a variety of places and ways. What you put on, under and around your sofa table is determined by where you put it, how you use it and your own personal style. The sum of all the parts you assemble is called a vignette.

When creating one, most decorators would say that you need to consider balance, color, contrast, texture and scale. Balance means that you arrange the articles on top, underneath and above the table in proportion to the space and each other. Also, one general rule is to always make groupings of threes, fives and so on. A trick to make a distinctive grouping of smaller items is to put them on a tray.
Sofa Table as Sofa Table
Rather than anchoring your sofa flush up against the wall, put a sofa table like the Hazel Console Table by Greenington behind it to add more interest and depth to a room. Put table lamps in proportion with your sofa and ceiling height on either end. In between, display a grouping of sculptural objects, like candles, art glass, or wood carvings to one side, and a stack of books to the other. If you are floating your sofa to redefine your living space, choose objects that visually connect once space with the other.

Sofa Table as Console Table
In the living room, a sofa table like the Brady Birch Sofa Table by Jofran can move out to sit in front of a bay or picture window or along a small stretch of wall. Place complementary seating on either side. The table offers the ideal place for you to display your favorite family photos. A dramatic effect is to make all the photos black and white or sepia tones, and replace in different styles and sizes of frames.

Sofa Table as Foyer Table
In the foyer, a sofa table placed either on the side or end wall is the ideal opportunity to introduce your guests to your style and build expectation. Hang a dramatic mirror or wall art above the table, and put sculptural elements underneath. On top of the table, bring in objects of art. For instance, if you subscribe to the Feng Shui way, design a vignette that includes the five elements. include round-leaf plants, religious statue candles, Chinese Foo dogs and a tabletop fountain.
Sofa Table as Dining Table

In a small dining area, a sofa table like the La Jolla Rectangular Console Table by Allan Copley Designs becomes a sideboard when serving guests or a decorative accent when not. Display artistic serving dishes, candelabras, and maybe a bowl of fruit on top, a mirror above, and interesting storage baskets and boxes to store your colorful table linens below.

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