Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Perfect Modern End Tables for Your Leather Sofa

A formula for pairing modern end tables with a leather sofa does not exist. You have to choose end tables for the leather sofa in the context of the whole room. When shopping for end tables, carry small leather, fabric or carpet samples from the room where the sofa is placed. Ask to take a photo of the end table for references. For more expensive buys, request a same end table to view in the room.
Style of Sofa
Choose end tables according to the style of your sofa. Traditional rolled arm, button-tufted, Chesterfield-style leather sofas look best with traditional wood end tables like the Montreal Elegant Styling Walnut Wooden Small Table by Adesso. A circular, square or rectangular end table will work with this kind of traditional soda. Look for simple curved leg detail on the end table.

Western-style leather sofas cover a broad range of designs  from ornate tooling and a mixture of leather types to carved wood detailing. They can be feminine and light or masculine and heavy. Try a pair of exotic end tables, a pair of end tables with wrought iron or tables that include similar wood treatment to your sofa.
Contemporary-style leather sofas are usually boxy, tuxedo upholstered affairs or soft, round padded pieces. Go with end tables for these sofas that will add some lightness to the combination, like glass end tables of various shapes.
Color of Sofa
Choose end tables according to the color of your leather sofa. Different shades of gray and oyster work in combination with glass or marble-top end table. Look for different shapes and heights with a contrasting frame, like black or dark gray. Generally, end tables should not be taller than the arm height of the sofa.
Colored leather sofas in green, purple, red or blue can invite more personality in an end table or require a more sedate approach. Experiment with both by getting curvy wrought iron leg end tables with wood or glass tops to add visual texture. You can also go with sedate, rustic rectangular or square end tables like the Ashburn Candle Table by Cooper Classics for a more comfortable and casual d├ęcor.
Light Sources
Light your room with the use of end tables. A leather sofa in a room with a single bulb in the ceiling could use a couple of end tables to hold lamps. Use different heights and shapes for the end tables. Know that end tables do not really have to match with one another.
Leather sofas that meet the floor visually or those without open legs will need a lighter touch, so go with wood end tables with a glass inset like the Glass Tea Table by All Things Cedar to allow light to bounce through and around the tables.
Current table lamps can dictate a particular end table height. Consider a lower coffee table height end table at one end of your leather sofa and a taller, smaller foot print in a matching style and finish at the other end of it.

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