Sunday, February 16, 2014

Useful Tips on Buying Modern Floor Mirrors

Modern floor mirrors make particularly great choices when considering mirrors because of the opportunity they can afford the viewer. These mirrors reach down to the floor, or stands on it without the need to be installed on a wall. Otherwise known as floor length mirrors, they provide a full length reflection that makes it easy for any viewer to assess themselves without having to go through uncomfortable postures.
There are several options from which you can make a choice. Floor standing mirrors come in several sizes, shapes, materials and features. When making a selection, make sure that you get the most suitable one for your needs and your space. To do so, you need to determine the best floor standing mirror for your needs. remember that different people have different tastes, needs and desires.
First, you need to make sure that you are getting the right size. Mirrors vary in length as well as in width. The right mirror size for your needs is a function of the amount of space available for the mirror. Once you have done so, it should be easier to select the right one that will fit in. The available space in the room and the location where the mirror will be placed are important when shopping for the right floor mirror.
Second, you also need to get the right shape. Floor length mirrors come in various shapes, and a particular shape should be chosen to match with the theme of the room. Another important tip is the color of  the mirror. Popular ones include white and black. Other colors are also available, and you need to ensure that the color is pick is appropriately matched with the room d├ęcor.
A floor standing mirror is available in traditional or contemporary styles. Antique floor mirrors are particularly stately additions to any home and come highly recommended. Check out the gorgeous mirrors below to give you inspiration for your floor mirror shopping.
Daniel Mirror by Howard Elliott
The Daniel Mirror by Howard Elliott is a rectangular wooden mirror that features a textured bar pattern finished in a mottled silver leaf with a black patina. This gives the piece a contemporary 3D strip effect. Its oversized frame is perfect for leaning which spares you the added time and effort of getting it installed in your home.

Wave Storage Mirror by Ades
A stylish folding mirror, the Wave Storage Mirror by Adesso gives storage and hanging space when opened to standing position. The open shelf folds down to hold clothing, books, magazines and any other type of storage. Also, two hooks on the left upper frame will hold hanging articles. The black lacquered wave gives more decorative accent.

Contemporary New York Style Limited Space Mirror/Wardrobe by Adesso

The Contemporary New York Style Limited Space Mirror/Wardrobe by Adesso is a full length mirror that revolves on a rectangular disc to reveal a shelved wardrobe on the reverse side. This mirror-wardrobe features four stationary shelves that provide five storage cubbies for all your storage needs. it is made with MDF with a black wood veneer finish.

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