Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to Properly Clean Glass-Top Patio Tables

Overtime, glass-top patio tables can become grimy from leaves, pollen, twigs, spider webs, insect and bird droppings and other kinds of dirt and debris without regular cleaning. Removal of this debris is essential to prevent the transfer of the dirt and debris to your cloth or skin as well as prevent illness that can occur from eating or enjoying conversation  on an unclean table. Clean the top of your table once every two weeks or more often if heavy debris has built up.
  1. Wipe the glass tabletop with a damp, lint-free microfiber cloth or sponge before every use. If the tabletop has bird or insect droppings on it, wipe them away with one or more cloths dampened with a glass-approved household cleaner or glass cleaner.
  2. Fill a bucket with hot water and enough mild dish detergent to make the water soapy. Put a microfiber cloth or large sponge in the water.
  3. Rinse off the glass tabletop and the legs thoroughly with a garden hose or bucket of water.
  4. Wash the entire table with the soapy sponge or cloth. Remove any stuck on debris or stains with a glass-safe non-abrasive scrubbing pad. Once finished, rinse away the dirt and detergent residues,
  5. Put the table in the sun to dry or wipe it dry using large absorbent cloths.
  6. Spray white vinegar or class cleaner on the glass tabletop once it dries. Wipe away the vinegar or cleaner with a microfiber cloth or paper towels.
  7. Clean the underside of the glass tabletop at least once a month or as needed. Remove the glass from the table, if possible, clean both sides of it completely with vinegar or a glass cleaner, and then return it on the table. If you cannot move the glass, lay a piece of inch-thick foal or a thick blanket or soft carpet on the ground, turn the table upside down on the surface and repeat the cleaning methods used on the outside of the table underneath.
They might require more cleaning and maintenance work than the other kinds of outdoor tables, but glass-top tables make for a great functional and decorative piece in your outdoors. Take a look at these fine examples.
Table & LP Tank Cover with Glass Top by Outdoor Greatroom Company
Featuring a simple, yet stylish design the Table & LP Tank Cover with Glass Top by Outdoor Greatroom Company, is a functional accessory for your chat pit. Made specifically for storing propane tanks, this unit is constructed from quality.

Kross Rectangular / Square Dining Table Incl. Glass Top by Sifas In-Outdoor Living
Authentic and weather-resistant, the Kross Rectangular / Square Dining Table Incl. Glass Top by Sifas In-Outdoor is an exceptional technological creation in ultra-light forged aluminum, allowing it to resist the worst outdoor conditions.

Coffee Table w/ Glass Top by Outdoor Greatroom Company
The Coffee Table w/ Glass Top by Outdoor Greatroom Company is straight off the beautiful Kate Collection. It is made with outdoor resin wicker to withstand all the environment elements and comes in a gorgeous Saddle color.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Ideal Materials for Patio Umbrellas

Wilma, a mother of twin toddlers, asks: “What exactly is the best material for a patio umbrella? The one that is most durable and long-lasting, as well as one that requires the least maintenance. I’ve been looking online and have found that they come in an assortment of materials. What are the specific and unique characteristics of these materials? Which one should I choose?
Patio umbrellas come in a wide assortment of sizes, styles and colors. Whether attached to patio tables or affixed to stands, patio umbrellas shade people from the sun and sometimes from other elements. Buying a patio umbrella is an investment that should last for several years. To ensure that the patio umbrella retains its usefulness as well as remains aesthetically pleasing, choose material that is waterproof and durable enough to stand up to wind and harsh weather. Many patio fabrics are available with mildew resistant additives that can also help prolong the lifespan of your umbrella. Here are three of the most popular outdoor umbrella materials.
Polyurethane-Coated Polyester
Many man-made fabrics are well suited for outdoor usage. Polyester is a lightweight fabric that retains its vibrant dyes over time. Polyurethane is a chemical used in many products to create a protective coating or finish. When polyester is treated with polyurethane, it makes the fabric waterproof. Waterproof, lightweight fabric is highly suited for patio umbrellas, making this one of today’s best choices. Polyurethane-coated patio umbrellas are flammable and should not be used near heaters, fireplaces and candles, like citronella candles.
Acrylic is another synthetic fabric with waterproof properties. Outdoor acrylic is dyed with chemical dyes to retain color when exposed to outside elements. Lightweight and long-wearing, acrylic is usually treated with UV-resistant chemicals to eliminate fading. An example is the 9' Wood Market Umbrella Red by Jordan Manufacturing Company. Treat your acrylic fabric with both mildew-resisting additives and high UV ratings for use in outdoor patio umbrellas. Acrylic is available in fabric widths of 46 and 60 inches wide and is sold from the bolt for sewing your own patio umbrella instead of purchasing a ready-made choice. Acrylic patio umbrellas maintain their usefulness for about 10 years with proper maintenance, like washing the umbrella with liquid dish detergent and off-season indoor storage.

Sometimes referred to as cotton duck or painted duck fabric, canvas sometimes make use of waterproofing additives to prolong the durability of canvas fabric. Examples are Teak Furniture Umbrella by All Things Cedar and Half Umbrella by Jordan Manufacturing Company. Know that the best type of canvas for patio umbrellas is painted duck. Painted duck is canvas treated with an acrylic paint solution which fares even better than a canvas umbrella with waterproofing applied. Painted duck will typically last for about eight years when properly maintained. Uncoated canvas will mildew if not properly cared for but is strong enough to withstand cleaning. Store canvas patio umbrellas in a covered area during the off-season, or use patio umbrella covers and tarps to give shelter from the elements.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why Choose a Sunbrite TV for Your Outdoor Entertainment

The only time-tested TV in the world designed and made for outdoor entertainment, Sunbrite TV is a true all-weather outdoor LCD TV that delivers superior brightness while resisting the harsh effects of extreme temperatures, UV rays, dirt and insects. Sunbrite TVs have earned a reputation for durability, and have lasted for many years in some of the harshest climates in North America. These are the choice outdoor TVs for many professional sports stadiums.
Can be used in extreme heat. Sunbrite TVs are designed for permanent outdoor installation in extreme heat of up to 122 degrees F. The TVs feature an internal climate control system made up of temperature sensors and a filtered multi-fan airflow system that quietly keeps the unit cool.
Anti-glare bright LCD panels. In the bright light of the outdoors, you might have a hard time seeing any picture on the screen at all with the glare. This is why the Sunbrite TVs have LCD panels with a high haze factor to help absorb ambient light, making them resistant to this glare.
Protective front screen. This is a special design that ensures that the LCD panel is protected from potential damage. If the outer screen is damaged because of a very strong impact, the protective front screen can be replaced cost-effectively.
Resistant to extreme cold. Sunbrite Pro Series TVs have built in heaters that allow the TVs to operate at temperatures as low as -40 degrees F. Every TV has internal sensors that automatically turn on the heaters and internal fans to allow warm air over the LCD, thus protecting it from damage.
Powder-coated aluminum exterior. The rigid outer bezels give Sunbrite TVs impressive strength and durability. It is specially designed to resist rust and corrosion, making these TVs the default choice for public and commercial venues where extra durability is required.
True outdoor mounting accessories. Having a true outdoor TV that can last for years would be nothing if it falls off a rusty mount. Fortunately, all Sunbrite mounts and installation accessories use only stainless steel or specially treated materials so you do not have to worry about it rusting away.
Check out some of the most popular products from this world-renowned brand:
32" HD All-Weather Outdoor LCD TV and Integrated Speakers - Resin - Silver/Black or White by SunBriteTV
Designed with a durable all-weather environmental feature-set, the 32" HD All-Weather Outdoor LCD TV and Integrated Speakers - Resin - Silver/Black or White by SunBriteTV features all-weather outdoor-rated ASA plastic resin exterior protects internal components from rain, dirt, insects and scratches.

32" TV Outdoor Dust Cover by SunBriteTV
The 32" TV Outdoor Dust Cover by SunBriteTV is constructed with weatherproof 4-ply polypropylene UV protection fabric. This custom-fit dust cover keeps the TV free of accumulating dirt and dust. And the attached Velcro straps secure the cover in place.

Articulating Wall Mount for 32" TV by SunBriteTV
Designed with rigid extruded aluminum construction, the Articulating Wall Mount for 32" TV by SunBriteTV provides smooth tilt, swivel and pan motion, effortless tightening and extreme rigidity. It is Vesa 75/100 compliant and is supplied with stainless steel hardware for rust prevention.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Perfect Modern Fountains for Your Indoors

Indoor modern fountains bring the vibrant sound of running water inside the confines of your home. When you have one right inside your home, you can enjoy the pulse of the landscape comfortably while filling your space with calm serenity. Because fountains only require a power sources and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, almost any home and any d├ęcor can accommodate an indoor fountain. Here are three very common kinds of indoor fountains. You might want to furnish your home with any one of them.
Using popular terra-cotta pots to build an indoor fountain means inexpensive materials and the ability to incorporate already potted plants into the design of the fountain. Most terra-cotta pots have a hole-pre-drilled in the bottom for drainage. Use this hole to thread the hose of the pump through your pots. You can put the first pot upside down and then another pot right-side up on top with the water dish in between. This allows the water pumped from the bottom to pool and spill over. A water friendly plant sits in the top pot to crown the homemade pump. Terra cotta is easy to cut to make space for cords or direct water flow. Get your inspiration from the Venice Fountain by Bond Manufacturing.

Glass Fountain
If space is available for a large piece of glass or mirror, build an indoor fountain that runs water down the length of the mirror’s surface. The effect covers the transparent material with water as it drops down effortlessly. Install some kind of basin at the bottom to catch the water and pump it back to the top to make the glass fountain work. These basins are usually full of river rock and give the illusion of the water disappearing. Subsequently, there are no pool of water, so a glass fountain will not collect debris or attract children and pets. The glass fountain can either be free-standing like the Gardenfall Clear Glass and Dark Copper Trim Floor Fountain Large by Bluworld or fastened to a wall like the Contempo Solare Wall Fountain by Bluworld.

Atrium Fountain
For large homes or rooms with many windows, design a larger atrium fountain. These fountains usually stand tall and look similar to the ones found outside, but you have more control over the appearance of an indoor fountain, as well as less competition for its use, which means it will stay cleaner. Because predators are not a thread inside, incorporate fish into the large basin. If the fountain stands in the center of the room, put greenery around not only in the fountain but also throughout the room so you can tie it back to the room’s center. If you put the fountain the corner, do not just plant it at the base of the fountain, incorporate plants next and above the fountain to make its installation look more organic.
Of course, make sure that you buy a high quality fountain from a reputable brand, even if it will be out of harm’s way in the harsh outdoors. This way, you can bask in its calming sound and beauty for a long time.