Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Perfect Modern Fountains for Your Indoors

Indoor modern fountains bring the vibrant sound of running water inside the confines of your home. When you have one right inside your home, you can enjoy the pulse of the landscape comfortably while filling your space with calm serenity. Because fountains only require a power sources and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, almost any home and any d├ęcor can accommodate an indoor fountain. Here are three very common kinds of indoor fountains. You might want to furnish your home with any one of them.
Using popular terra-cotta pots to build an indoor fountain means inexpensive materials and the ability to incorporate already potted plants into the design of the fountain. Most terra-cotta pots have a hole-pre-drilled in the bottom for drainage. Use this hole to thread the hose of the pump through your pots. You can put the first pot upside down and then another pot right-side up on top with the water dish in between. This allows the water pumped from the bottom to pool and spill over. A water friendly plant sits in the top pot to crown the homemade pump. Terra cotta is easy to cut to make space for cords or direct water flow. Get your inspiration from the Venice Fountain by Bond Manufacturing.

Glass Fountain
If space is available for a large piece of glass or mirror, build an indoor fountain that runs water down the length of the mirror’s surface. The effect covers the transparent material with water as it drops down effortlessly. Install some kind of basin at the bottom to catch the water and pump it back to the top to make the glass fountain work. These basins are usually full of river rock and give the illusion of the water disappearing. Subsequently, there are no pool of water, so a glass fountain will not collect debris or attract children and pets. The glass fountain can either be free-standing like the Gardenfall Clear Glass and Dark Copper Trim Floor Fountain Large by Bluworld or fastened to a wall like the Contempo Solare Wall Fountain by Bluworld.

Atrium Fountain
For large homes or rooms with many windows, design a larger atrium fountain. These fountains usually stand tall and look similar to the ones found outside, but you have more control over the appearance of an indoor fountain, as well as less competition for its use, which means it will stay cleaner. Because predators are not a thread inside, incorporate fish into the large basin. If the fountain stands in the center of the room, put greenery around not only in the fountain but also throughout the room so you can tie it back to the room’s center. If you put the fountain the corner, do not just plant it at the base of the fountain, incorporate plants next and above the fountain to make its installation look more organic.
Of course, make sure that you buy a high quality fountain from a reputable brand, even if it will be out of harm’s way in the harsh outdoors. This way, you can bask in its calming sound and beauty for a long time. 

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