Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aluminum Patio Furniture Offers a Variety of Options

When we hear the words “aluminum patio furniture,” many people envision  standard, relatively basic pieces that probably look something like your garden variety resort furniture. Many people also associate aluminum furniture with low quality, perhaps a small step up from the flimsy plastic variety often found in discount department stores.   And there is indeed an abundance, low quality aluminum patio furniture out there. But there is also low quality patio furniture made of practically any material used to make patio furniture, from wicker to wrought iron.
Aluminum has Real Benefits
Contrary to the negative beliefs, many patio owners selectively choose aluminum in both residential and commercial settings for the several very real benefits it offers.
  • Does not retain heat like steel or iron
  • Easy to refurbish
  • Invulnerable to rust
  • Lightweight, easy to move or stack
  • Limitless colors and styles
  • Requires very low maintenance
Interestingly, one of the biggest benefits of aluminum might also be one of its few drawbacks – its weight. Lightweight furniture has obvious advantages, but also makes it more susceptible to being blown around in even moderate winds. Closely related is durability, extremely lightweight aluminum furniture – inexpensive, folding camping chairs, for instance – is prone to bending under moderate use or if subjected to unusually heavy weight.
Again, both issues are largely a matter of quality. Although an aluminum chair is always going to be lighter than a wrought iron chair, for instance, a well-built aluminum product is not going to collapse under an oversize patron or blow away in the slightest breeze.
An Abundance of Options
Options in aluminum patio furniture are every bit as versatile as in other materials. You can get it in classic vinyl strap, or a more heavy-duty version with aluminum straps for added durability. But this is just the beginning.
Aluminum starts to get interesting in sling-style seating, from the startling severity of modern pieces to the gentle suggestion of traditional design. Some of the coloring options are also evident in aluminum sling furniture. Darker colors combined with lighter material can give the impression of wood. By using a combination of contrasting or coordinating textures and colors, aluminum furniture gives you the choice of making your furniture stand out or blend in.
If you are looking for something more comfortable, where you can sit on or lie on for hours on end without ending up with aching backs, aluminum with cushioning like the Kingston Loveseat by Meadow Decor should be a good choice for you. For something more ornate and offers unique elegance, you can go with furniture pieces with detailing like the Lipari 24 Inch Round Bistro Table and Base by Alfresco Home.

The above examples only scratch the surface of what aluminum patio furniture has to offer. These are all high quality pieces which will not bend, collapse or bow under moderate use. On the contrary, there are many which are extensively used in commercial applications.
Some Tips on Maintenance
Aluminum does not rust, making it perfect for use in outdoor furniture. However, this metal can get affected by moisture and pollution, and its surface can get rough or discolor. Below are some tips to help you take care of your furniture and make it last for as long it as possibly can.
  • If you see that your furniture is slightly discolored, you need to wash it with some soap and water. Remember to add some gentle household acid, like vinegar, lemon juice or cream of tartar. Do not add ammonia, soda or TSP. Always perform this cleaning after the end of any particular season.
  • If you notice that the aluminum has become pitted or is rough, you can smoothen or polish the surface with steel wool soaked in soap. Remember to remove all traces or the steel wool from the surface of your furniture. Otherwise, it can rust and stain the surface of the aluminum.
  • If your furniture is extremely dry, there is a wide range of commercial cleaners available that can be used for cleaning. Remember to not use commercial cleaners on anodized aluminum.
  • If you see that your furniture is prone to corroding and pitting, you can use a coat of car wax or silicon spray to protect it.
  • If your furniture is made of colored anodized aluminum, take extra care to use only mild detergent and water to wash it.
Whether you enjoy entertaining guests on a bright sunny day or just want to enjoy a solitary day with a cup of tea and your favorite book, it is important that you are comfortable in your aluminum furniture and that it stays in prime condition for a long time.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Aluminum Patio Furniture For A LIfetime of Outdoor Living

Aluminum patio furniture is one of today’s best options to furnish your outdoor living spaces. It is classic and traditional, and gives the look and feel of wrought iron. At the same time, it is modern, lightweight and durable.
If you choose aluminum furniture for your patio, you will likely  going to need only one set in your lifetime. The furniture  is mostly finished with powder coat paint, which is a rock-hard finish that is very durable. Unlike many other types of patio furniture, aluminum products last for decades  with very little maintenance. There are two common types: hollow aluminum tube based and solid cast aluminum patio furniture. While both are made with the same material, they really have little less in common.
Benefits of Aluminum Furniture
  • It does not rust, while steel and iron do.
  • It is long lasting with durable finishes and strong construction. With a good set, you can expect 30 and more years of use.
  • Aside from the occasional cleaning, there really is no upkeep.
  • It is virtually  weather-proof, handling severe environments well. It handles cold better than other types of outdoor furniture.
  • It is easy to clean; just hose down once in a while and use wild soap if necessary.
  • Difficult  to bend and break, it can withstand many years of frequent use. It feels more stable than some other types of furniture.
  • There are an abundance of styles and designs to choose from.
  • While usually powder coated, many color options and textures are available.
  • It can be used with or without pillows and cushions.
  • It is light enough to be easily lifted and moved, yet heavy enough to feel firm and stable and not blow around in the wind.
Aluminum Furniture vs. Other Types
Aluminum furniture is comparable to wrought iron furniture. They can have very similar designs and can look very much alike. Pricing tends to be similar. The major differences are in weight and durability as aluminum does not rust and the finish is less likely to chip.
Hardwood patio furniture is obviously very different than aluminum furniture. However, they can similar in  their long life durability, traditional styles, and mostly similar prices. Aside from generally bring more expensive and long lasting, aluminum furniture is really not comparable to other types of outdoor furniture like synthetic, resin and hollow aluminum pieces.
Aluminum Furniture Quality and Pricing
There are different quality levels in the cast aluminum category. Lesser quality sets are most likely machine assembled or manufactured. While there is nothing wrong with this, attention to detail might not be quite so evident. Also, watch out for finish quality; if a piece has a poor or damaged finish when it is new, it will develop further problems as it ages.
On the other hand, skilled craftsmen with high standards of perfection usually put high quality sets together. The molds forming the aluminum can be hand carved into intricate designs and patterns, like the ones in the Daffodil Cast Aluminum Garden Bench - Aged Iron by Alfresco Home. The finishes are going to be richer and more detailed. Also, the higher the  quality, the more likely it will be enhanced using thicker aluminum and more bracing.

Prices are usually directly proportional to the furniture quality. Higher prices most likely mean higher quality, although not always. Warranties also are a big factor when it comes to patio furniture pricing. The longer the warranty, the better a manufacturer expects the furniture to hold up. This is gauged in the price.
Aluminum Furniture Accessories
Consider getting cushions for your patio furniture, which you can find in various shapes, sizes, colors, designs and patterns. They might already be included if you buy a furniture set. Cushions will have to be stored when not in use to prolong their life and prevent mildew. Cushions usually do not last as long as the aluminum furniture, but replacement patio chair cushions are available.
While it is not absolutely necessary with cast aluminum, you might consider covers for your patio furniture like the Patio Table and Chair Set Cover - Up to 87"diameter by Duck Covers. Aluminum is durable on its own, but furniture covers will help prolong lifespan.

Aluminum Furniture Care
Even if cast furniture is thought to be low maintenance, it will still require cleaning from time to time. When this is necessary, you will want to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations closely. Usually, this involves wiping it down with a mild detergent using a soft sponge and rinsing it with water. Sometimes, it is advised to coat cast aluminum patio furniture yearly with a liquid spray wax. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Relax and Unwind in Style on a Vivere Hammock

Hammocks are not only for perfect for taking advantage of lazy summer days; It is also interesting to note that that relaxing on a hammock supports the human body with ergonomic position.   On a hammock, the painful pressure that comes with constant turning for alternate sleep positions is not a concern. Relatively simple, they do  an amazing job of contouring to the more natural  position of  your body, no matter the body type. If you are looking for the perfect  hammock in style and functionality, consider getting Vivere Hammocks.
In 2002, Jason Stoter was studying in a university in Guadalajara, Mexico when he stumbled across an entrepreneur selling hammocks. Through  his studies at the University, he was able to source hammocks from a number of villages in the Yucatan peninsula that had been weaving hammocks for years.  The company was formed and Inspired by Jason’s time in Mexico during 2002, the name “Vivere” was derived from the Spanish verb “vivir” meaning “to live”. The hammock became a symbol of the ultimate balanced lifestyle.
With the next few years, a tremendous increase was noted in the demand for outdoor living furniture and accessories, which led to the ultimate growth in the market for Vivere hammocks. The company grew beyond creating hammocks into other lines of outdoor living like stands, chairs, loungers and other outdoor accessories. Today, Vivere continues to grow their product line  with new vibrant colors and modern designs.
Vivere desires to promote relaxation and healthy lifestyles for  their customers. Anyone can enjoy their wide selection of products while sipping a refreshing drink at  their summer cottage, camping in the outback, or simply having a quiet  siesta in their  backyard. The company has proven  that they are passionate about outdoor living, assisting their customers in getting more relaxation and rest from their hectic lives.

Brazilian Style Hammock - Double Deluxe in Natural Fabric by Vivere Hammocks
A hidden gem comes in the Brazilian Style Hammock - Double Deluxe in Natural Fabric by Vivere Hammocks. Complimented by an elegant hand, this hammock features a crocheted fringe that will surely make anyone feel like royalty. A great addition to any cottage or backyard, this hammock is made with colorfast cotton material and can support up to 2 adults.

Quilted Fabric Hammock - Double in Renaissance Fabric by Vivere Hammocks
The reversible Quilted Fabric Hammock - Double in Renaissance Fabric by Vivere Hammocks has an appealing design on one side with a complementing color on the other. It has a layer of poly-fill fiber in between its two layers of all weather polyester fabric along with zinc coated grommets to attach the polyester to the rope ends.

The Original Dream Chair - Real Olive by Vivere Hammocks
The best choice for backyard lounging, The Original Dream Chair - Real Olive by Vivere Hammocks is made from poly-spun polyester with over 2 inches of poly-fill padding. It has a heavy duty steel frame with a 4 leg design so you can set it up anywhere you please. Easy to assemble, it comes complete with a foam pillow and shade umbrella.